• General
  • When do I have to pay?

    You are asked to pay for DIY kits with the order. If we are handling the installation, we ask for a 10% deposit, and the remainder according to the relevant agreement.

  • What are sky lite panels?

    Lite panels let light and heat into the patio space, and people often ask for them to allow more light to penetrate into the adjoining house. That may work for you, or if the house is low-set, normal house roof skylights can be very effective. Consult with us to see what might work best for you.

  • Do I need fascia strengthening?

    Most likely. Fascias are usually designed to hold gutters in place, not patio roofs. Steel strengthening brackets attached to your house rafters could make the difference in a windy storm.

  • My house already has noggins in the fascia. Do I still need steel brackets?

    Noggins are better than nothing. Steel brackets are stronger. If your house is exposed to high winds, or a strong storm threatens your house, noggins may not be strong enough.

  • Technical
  • What material is used?

    You can feel secure knowing our product is a unique, fully-engineered steel product.

    We utilise only colour bonded steel.

  • Who manufactures the product?

    Our products are manufactured and engineered by Stratco, the Australian patio giant.


  • Do you combine different types of metals to make your product?

    Panorama Patios uses only steel. We do not combine different types of metals, thus avoiding weak points in the structure. Our beams are made from rolled high-tensile steel to ensure your home improvement is durable and tough, while remaining beautiful for many years to come. The result is a sleek, strong and long-lasting finish.

  • What engineering standards does your product comply with?

    Our engineering is independently designed to at least the following Australian and international Standards.

    AS 3600 – 2001

    AS/NZS 4600 – 2005

    AS4100 – 1998

    AS/NZS1170.0 – 2002

    AS/NZS1170.1 – 2002

    AS/NZS1170.2 - 2002

    AS4055 – 2006

    AS1562.1 – 1992

    These standards are updated as they become available.

  • Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

    You can have the peace of mind of a 15-year structural guarantee when your structure is built by a Stratco Authorised Dealer. As it is a complete system, all components must be supplied by Stratco for the guarantee to apply.

  • Council approval
  • I was told my patio is too small for approval. Is that true?

    It’s not likely. Check with your council. or certifier for more specific advice.

  • I don’t want council approval. Can you leave it out?

    All patios and carports, like most structures, need to be approved. Beware of the motives of builders who tell you otherwise. Ask yourself why they do not want authorities to see their work.


  • Do you need the council approval?

    If we install your patio, we arrange for the approval. If you install it yourself, you are responsible for the approval.

  • Do I need a relaxation from council to approve my structure? Another builder told me the structure will be too close to the boundary.

    All reputable builders should be aware of the regulations. If in doubt, check with a certifier. They will want copies of plans to help ascertain the requirements. We will check with a certifier before we build your patio, carport or deck.


  • Ready to install kits
    Ready to install kits are available through Panorama Patios. Here are some answers to the most common questions we are asked.
  • How do I know what kind of fixings to use on the house?

    The range of possibilities is almost endless. Talk to us about your circumstances, and we will advise as appropriate.


  • What tools are needed?
    • What tools are needed?
    • Tape measure
    • Electric drill and screwgun or 14volt minimum cordless tool with hammer drill facility
    • 8mm hex driver bit
    • 2 Phillips driver bit
    • 5mm steel drilling bits
    • 11, 13 and 16.5mm steel drilling bits
    • 12mm masonry – tungsten carbide drill bit
    • Hack-saw
    • Left and right hand aviation tin snips
    • 185mm circular saw with swarfless
    • Rivet gun
    • Construction props – or a few lengths of suitable timber 70mm wide may work well depending on the height your patio is and how large it is
    • Silicone gun
    • At least one step ladder and/or trestles and a plank may be handy though not essential
    • Spirit level
    • Roof sheet turn up/down tool or a pair of 75mm sheet metal folding vice grips/pliers
    • Post-hole shovel
    • Soft bristle banister brush or broom
    • Adjustable spanner and/or a 3/8 inch or ½ inch socket set
    • A general purpose hammer

    Please note: The above list may not be a complete list depending on the type of installation and the building that you are attaching to.

  • Where can I get the tools?

    Most hardware stores should stock them. You can also visit a Stratco Home Improvement Store.

  • Will ordinary tin snips be ok?

    You could manage with ordinary tin snips however left and right hand aviation snips are much easier to use.


  • Do I need a cutoff saw?

    It is recommended to use a mitre saw or circular saw with a swarfless blade.


  • Can I have wooden posts instead of steel?

    You can, but you will have paid for the recommended Colorbond® steel posts, that require no maintenance, and form part of a guaranteed system. Substituting any components may void your warranty.

  • How do I know how many beams I need?

    The size and number of beams is dictated by the engineering, and we can guide you with your specifications. Being a system, you automatically get all the correct components included. You do not need to worry about that yourself.

  • How many posts do I need?

    The number of posts is dictated by the engineering, and we can guide you with your specifications. Being a system, you automatically get all the correct components included.

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