Tools Required For DIY

What tools are needed?

  1. Tape measure
  2. Electric drill and screwgun or 14volt minimum cordless tool with hammer drill facility
  3. 8mm hex driver bit
  4. 2 Phillips driver bit
  5. 5mm steel drilling bits
  6. 11, 13 and 16.5mm steel drilling bits
  7. 12mm masonry – tungsten carbide drill bit
  8. Hack-saw
  9. Left and right hand aviation tin snips
  10. 185mm circular saw with swarfless
  11. Rivet gun
  12. Construction props – or a few lengths of suitable timber 70mm wide may work well depending on the height your patio is and how large it is
  13. Silicone gun
  14. At least one step ladder and/or trestles and a plank may be handy though not essential
  15. Spirit level
  16. Roof sheet turn up/down tool or a pair of 75mm sheet metal folding vice grips/pliers
  17. Post-hole shovel
  18. Soft bristle banister brush or broom
  19. Adjustable spanner and/or a 3/8 inch or ½ inch socket set
  20. A general purpose hammer

Please note:
The above list may not be a complete list depending on the type of installation and the building that you are attaching to.

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